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Value Added Printing Facility

Digital press :
A digital press may be viewed as press with custom paper set-up and traction drive motor to reduce banding; stochastic screen and graphic user interface. Such a press will help cluster firms undertake lower volume but higher definition jobs. The equipment could also be used for design before jobs are being sent for printing. Jobs are prepared for proofing and preparing a prototype especially in short run jobs. As a matter of fact, presently, the cluster does not possess such facility and one has to travel to Connaught Place or Naraina in Delhi for producing such prototypes for gettingapprovals from clients on sample products.

Full Coater (with UV and infrared curing):
Better quality than lamination film is offered by UV coating, which is required for some jobs. Such equipment requires consumables in terms of UV varnish or aqueous coating. Job charges for such equipment in the NCR are typically over Rs.0.01 per 4 square inch or Rs.1-2 per sheet of size 18 x 23". This equipment offers better gloss in visualization/finish. Also, progressively alternatives such as ploy film are confronting bans in export markets.

Semi-automatic screen printing :
This facility is required for smaller size jobs related to screen printing. This is particularly in context of offset printers. However, screen printers in the cluster can also use this facility for better quality screen printing with high productivity.

Printing Press :
Such equipment is used to print on plastic products, aluminum surface, etc. The equipment could be used to manufacture labels in roll form (for Pharma units, for labeling bottles etc.). Such facility is also not available for use by firms in the region.Flexo printing machine is value added printing done on plastic sheets and PVC sheets which is used for meeting the demand for cosmetics and pharma industry. It is used for printing on pay tubes used in FMCG industry. The equipment also facilitates printing in 6 colours.

Fully Automatic Cylinder Press with Drier
Such equipment is also not available for convenient use by cluster firms has capacity of even 10,000 sheets per 8 hour shift. Related consumables are ink, emulsion film and frame. Typical jobs envisaged with such equipment are of 30" x 40" sheets. It is basically used for value addition in printing for multi-after effects like glittering, shining, embossing and 3-D texture. Such printing quality is required for distillery industry segment and gift wrapping segments, brochures, and catalogue