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Value Added Packaging Facility

5 Ply board making equipment :
In this automatic plant, process of corrugation of five ply sheet is completed in a compact operation. In the first step, reels are loaded on five reel stands placed at the initial stage of each process. With each reel, one reel is placed as standby which is used when the first reel finishes. Standby reels are important because all the five reels are not used up / finished simultaneously.

Automatic Flatbed die cutting and creasing machine :
Such die cutting equipment is expected to have capacity of about 5000 impressions per hour. User charge in the market is about Rs.350 per 1000 impressions for manual die-cutting + shipping but of poor quality vis-a-vis requirement of some jobs. In the case of some firms in the NCR it is about Rs.200 per 1000 impressions in automatic die-cutting machine. Presently, the option is not feasible due to transport and logistics constraints for each job. Cluster firms are presently using manually die cutting with inferior quality of cutting. Poor product finish is not acceptable in jobs like hatcheries, boxes, paper cups etc. This local market segment is out of the reach of cluster firms.