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Design Facility

Designing equipment :
The CFC envisages installation of Apple Macintosh PCs with necessary expensive software like "Illustrator" and "In-design" which will facilitate a large number of designs vis-a-vis present window based system PCs. Also, Apple PCs and relevant software is typically virus free. Macintosh systems are appropriate as they run faster for softwares like In-design and illustrator. The windows based machines can produce at best only 2-3 such designs in a day. However, the Macintosh based systems can even produce even 8-10 designs per day and is a virus free platform.

Computer-to-plate equipment :
Computer-to-Plate (CTP) basically is advanced technology for boosting productivity and efficiency in the pressroom by means of producing appropriate printing plates. Along with a printing press, the performance of plate setters is critical. The design is made on the computer in Word or coral draw or photo shop and transferred from the Computer to Plate machine as a PDF file. The aluminum plate is already instated in the CtP processor. The ferry processor rips the file and the aluminium sheet is printed. There is a gluer tank and the plate gets immersed in the tank and the plate is ready to use. Typically, a machine has a capacity to print about 20 plates per hour. It uses lasers resulting in good image quality with high productivity and depth of focus. In advanced quality equipment envisaged, internal punching of plates helps reduce make-ready times at the press and minimizes waste. Any plate unevenness is automatically compensated for, and therefore, printing plates do not have to be re-imaged and thus associated waiting times in the pressroom are avoided. Such facility can be connected into a print connect integrated workflow vis-a-vis the printing press equipment ensuring smooth planning. CtP facility is a critical requirement for all printing (print-packaging) units